Mother (mata), who gives birth to the child, comes first. Mother points to father.

Father (pita)comes second. Father and mother nurture the child and provide food, shelter, cultural knowledge and financial security. They identify the teacher to educate the child to become a responsible person with all good qualities.

Teacher (guru) imparts knowledge. The child learns several subjects from many teachers including parents. This goes on at different stages of life. Teachers can be of several types – academic, professional, social, spiritual and so on.

A spiritual teacher leads the child to the Knowledge of GOD so that the child learns the ultimate purpose of life and reaches the Goal of Self Realization while responsibly performing all worldly duties to the family and the society.

MataPitaGuruDaivamGOD (daivam) is the true nature of the person. This nature is initially assumed to be outside and seen through prayers in one’s own home and other places of worship. Through devotion, the Light of GOD which is initially assumed to be outside, starts glowing at one’s own heart. This gradually leads to merging oneself with GOD which is the essence of the Sanathana Dharmam (eternal truth).

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