When you discriminate one form of GOD from another, you end up worshiping you own ego and become blind; you will not see what you want to see. By creating levels for the one and only Supreme and coining terms such as “super”, “demi”, and so on, you are actually degrading yourself into classifications, which in reality, do not exist. The end result is that you make a person out of yourself who is highly egoistic, knowledge-blind and thus, complete obstruct from the light of truth.

When you indulge in this act in the capacity of a Priest, you are misleading several innocent believers who approach you for guidance.

Let’s stop this practice and make the world a better place for all. Religions themselves are not the Goal; they are stepping stones to reach the Goal of Self Realization. Our Holy Vedic texts prove this point beyond doubt. Let’s reverse man-made misinterpretations and once again, create a course that would make every human love his own religion and realize the truth.